Liverpool have begun eyeing the next big thing as their next manager.

“Liverpool are strongly linked with Houbeng Amorim, 39, who currently coaches Sporting CP,” the BBC reported on Tuesday (June 10), adding, “Amorim is not yet 40 years old, but he has already had a considerable career. He has shown what he can do and there is talk of big clubs.”

Liverpool will need to find a new manager this summer. After nine successful years at the helm, Jürgen Klopp has announced his departure, citing fuel exhaustion. He chose to part ways with the Reds in a beautiful way to start a personal overhaul after a successful season.

Liverpool slowly focused on finding an alternative. One of the most sought-after names was Xabi Alonso. He led Bayer 04 Leverkusen to break Bayern Munich’s heyday in the German Bundesliga this season. He has reduced his trophy count to one and will soon be lifting the trophy.

Alonso played for Liverpool as a player and has proven his qualities as a coach, showing his seniority. However, Alonso recently announced that he has decided to stay on as Leverkusen manager after a meeting with club officials. We talked a lot about my future and I made the decision.”

“Leverkusen is the right place for me as a young coach. My work at Leverkusen is not finished yet. I want to help the club and I want to help the players develop. The board is great. Everything at the club is fantastic,” he said.

He continued: “There has been a lot of speculation surrounding my future since May. But that’s part of the business and I’ve never been stressed about it. It was important that it didn’t affect the team and the spirit of the squad was good. Everything is clear,” he emphasized.

“My job here is not over yet and we still have a lot of work to do. All the cards are now on the table. We can start with a clear mind for the next intensive and hopeful weeks.”

After eliminating Alonso from their shortlist, Liverpool have also shown interest in Ange Postecoglou, who brought attacking color to Tottenham Hotspur. Postecoglou is a longtime fan of the Reds and had been considered for the job, but he declined.

The Reds were looking for a new coach, and Amorim, who is considered to be the next big thing, has been linked with the job. He has a winning record. In 2021, he led Sporting to the top of the Portuguese league for the first time in 19 years. With that, European big clubs have taken notice, and the general consensus is that it’s time to move on to bigger things.

Amorim is young for a coach, but he’s had quite a career. He started his coaching career with Casa Pia in 2018 and took over at SC Braga in the 2019-20 season. He then joined Sporting in 2020. His longevity at Sporting is also highly regarded.

This is not the first time Liverpool have been rumored to be linked with Amorim. Earlier this year, they were linked via Portuguese publication Correio da Magna. “Amorim has a lot of potential and is young. He has the ability to manage Liverpool,” adding 토토사이트 that “if Amorim comes to Liverpool, there is also an analysis that Gonzalo Inacio and Pedro Goncalves could be brought in as a pair.”

The BBC also focused on the positives that Amorim would bring to Liverpool. “Amorim has shown a similar attacking pressing style to Klopp’s at Sporting. “His main tactic is a 3-4-3 with wing-backs who are aggressive,” said the BBC, “and he prefers to finish attacks very quickly when he gets the ball. He has a good understanding of the game and has a good relationship with his players.”

However, there is a penalty for Amorim. According to Portuguese sources, Sporting will have to pay Amorim €20 million if he leaves the club for a team outside of Portugal.

Nevertheless, the rumors surrounding Amorim have been so abundant that the coach himself has weighed in. Earlier this month, Amorim said of Sporting’s future, “It’s hard to say for sure. Sport is about the future,” he said on several occasions.

For now, he wants to finish the season well and think about the future. “We will decide everything after we win the title this season. It’s not something to worry about right now,” he said.


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