“I am happy to join Korean Air.”

Korean Air, led by coach Tommy Tilikainen, achieved its dream of winning the championship last season. They achieved a milestone of four consecutive wins for the first time in V-League history.

However, Mark Espejo (registered name Espejo), who was with the club last season in the first Asian quarter, did not contribute much. Of course, there were times when he was helpful as a one-point server or as a starter, but Korean Air’s priorities were Jeong Ji-seok, Kwak Seung-seok, and Jeong Han-yong. He scored 111 points in 23 games, with an attack success rate of 53.25% and a receiving efficiency of only 22.38%.

Also, Espejo did not apply for this Asia quota. Korean Air naturally had to find a new member outside the Asia quota. Lim Dong-hyeok, the pride of a native Apogit spiker who was performing at a foreign level, looked for Apogit resources when he enlisted in the Armed Forces Athletic Corps (Sangmu) on the 29th of last month.

The 2024 Korea Volleyball Federation (KOVO) Men’s Asia Quarter Draft was held at the Jeju Sun Hotel in Jeju City, Jeju on the 3rd. Although they were not lucky enough to obtain the 6th pick, they selected a satisfactory player. This is Iranian Apogit spiker Aref Moradi. He was born in 1998 and he has a good height of 203 cm. He has only played in the Iranian league since his professional debut in 2020. This is his first attempt at an overseas league.

Coach Tilkainen said, “Because Lim Dong-hyuk was going to the military, we had to select Apogit. I am happy to have chosen this player. It will help us a lot. I think it will fit well with our players. “I am satisfied with the nomination results,” he said, expressing his expectations.

Moradi, whom we met after the draft, said, “I feel good. He is happy to come to the V-League and join Korean Air. This is the best day of my volleyball career so far. He has not yet relayed news of the nomination to his wife. “I want to go back to Iran quickly and tell you the surprise news,” he said.

There must have been a lot of anxiety because he wasn’t selected in the top 5. Ali Hagparast, of the same nationality, was nominated by Woori Card as first choice, and Ali Fazli was nominated by Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance as fourth choice.

Moradi said, “I was worried when I saw the previous five teams nominating other players. “I was worried that I might not get selected if I keep going like this, but it’s an honor to be in,” he said with a smile.

Coach Tilkainen is a coach who demands players’ understanding of tactics through various volleyball systems. Maybe there will be differences from the volleyball system he has adapted to so far.

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