There were only 5 hours left in the draft, but an unfortunate variable occurred.

The third day of the 2024 Korea Volleyball Federation (KOVO) men’s tryout was held at Jeju Halla Gymnasium. This is truly the final inspection before the draft, which begins at 3 p.m.

However, an unfortunate variable occurred at the last moment. Number 4 Usman Faryad Ali (Pakistan, OH), who participated in the Group 2 practice match, unexpectedly suffered an ankle injury. During the game, Usman’s feet got tangled during a competition in front of the net with No. 21 Aref Moradi (Iran, OP) and he fell on the court.

Usman, who complained of pain while covering his face immediately after falling, was unable to get up on his own and was moved off the court with the support of players and officials. Fortunately, his situation was not so critical that he had to be taken to the hospital right away, but his right ankle, the site of his injury, appeared to be slightly swollen.

Usman received the necessary treatment and taping with the help of Korean Air trainer Jeong Jong-il, who was on site, and rested outside the court. Fortunately, he was not complaining of as much pain as he had immediately after being injured on the court, and his shock at the time of the injury seemed to have subsided to the extent that he could lightly turn the ball in his hand while chatting with the players around him.

It appears that many clubs will be paying close attention to the extent of Usman’s injury. Even before the schedule in Jeju Island began, Usman, who received considerable attention based on his outstanding performance at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games, was evaluated as having a good offense-defense balance on the field and was included in the watch list of several clubs. He is also evaluated as the most solid among the participating outside hitters in terms of receiving alone.

However, the unfortunate variable of injury has become a situation that may make it unclear whether Usman will be nominated. While there are quite a few teams looking to reinforce their outside hitters, teams that have Usman on their reserve list may find themselves in a situation where they have to revise their list within a few hours depending on the situation.

Currently, all Group 3 matches, which are the last practice matches according to the set schedule, have been completed. “I don’t think I need to go to the hospital,” Usman said. He expressed his intention, “It’s okay,” and smiled and took a group photo with No. 5 Aimal Khan (OP), an applicant from the same country, on his back. However, Usman first headed to the hospital for a detailed examination in case of an emergency.

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